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by Doguhan Uluca

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Are you learning programming or new to JavaScript? Curious on how to deliver native web apps to desktop and mobile browsers from the cloud? It is easier than you think to get started. Scroll down and begin your JavaScript journey.

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Self Guided Learning

Absolute beginner or seasoned veteran? Learn JavaScript, Node.JS, front-end and back-end coding at your own pace. Check out The JavaScript Curriculum for a self guided learning experience.

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Building Scalable and Beautiful AngularJS Apps

Building front-end applications with a scalable-code architecture is a topic foreign to many, but an issue consistently encountered by teams small and large. Furthermore, building a front-end application that looks and behaves great is difficult and expensive without dedicated UI and UX designers. Keeping up with all the new JavaScript frameworks to establish these both goals is next to impossible for most development shops. This is why I built Angular 1.5 starter and why I wrote a 6-part blog post series to explain the motivation behind the choices I made or techniques I learned from the masters of the Angular community.

Building Scalable and Beautiful AngularJS Apps Series
  1. Leveraging Existing Skills and Pushing the Envelope
  2. Web App Packaging and Publishing Best Practices
  3. Organized Code and Scalable Angular Architecture
  4. Reusable Components, Templates, and Services
  5. Default Beauty and Great Mobile-First UX with Angular Material
  6. Navigation Lifecycle, Authentication Hooks, and Role Based Navigation
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Minimal MEAN

It can be daunting to pick the right stack to deliver your idea to the cloud. Without realizing, you can introduce one too many "sandbag of complexity" between you and something you can release. For the first time ever it is possible to do full-stack development with a consistent set of tools and best practices using the same language, JavaScript. No more to context switching between front-end and back-end languages, libraries and tools. That is The JavaScript Promise. My easy to learn and use stack 'Minimal MEAN' will get you started and deployed on the cloud over a lazy weekend, without requiring a MongoDB install, while leveraging the latest tools like async/await with Typescript, Angular LTS, Node LTS.

Get presentation slides and links: Do More With Less JavaScript: Full-Stack TypeScript

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What is the JavaScript Promise?

Find out what the JavaScript Promise is about, right here. Enjoy the GIFs.

Angular vs React

You can't compare apples to oranges. In this presentation I bore down to the core of Angular and React, so you can choose the right framework for your next project. See the slides and links right here.

Engage and Have Fun

Contribute to open source projects and play around with cool code, like Isomer, or just clone repositories, look around and run the code.

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Join the Community

If you live in the DC Metro Area, join the polyglot meetup group, Tech Talk DC. Learn about different technologies from developers with diverse backgrounds and widen your horizons.

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Get Outraged with Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

Go to Khan-As-A-Service and learn how it was built in Node.js and Express here. Then see the Django version with a tutorial here.